A good year – 2018 – day 79

Woke up and was still having frequent urination, an ache in the lower back and feeling of nauseousness and uneasy. I was having a shower and the thought of work again started me sobbing. I started to shake and tense up. I then developed a strain in my neck and a migraine.

Another day at home. Nothing planned today, so will take it easy and think about strategies.

My super will allow me to finish work in 4 years. A bit of research and I could finish work now and be only $5000 worse off. But my health would be worth it. However, to resign I have to give a months notice so I can hand over to my relief. Hmmm! What is the best road?

Then I get a phone call from the manager and supervisor and discuss things. Everyone is concerned about me. Hope they aren’t saying that to make me feel better!

Anyway, that call down and time to get into the BVRT Trek 4 DQ registrations. I am using iDatabase to record data from the registrations but it does not export the information. Time to go to the Apple Store and see what alternatives I can find. Then I find it. Records. A simple and easy database for the purpose I need. I am very familiar with MS Access and SQL but these are too high level for this simple collection of information.

So I create the form and start loading the information. Fearful that I might have missed something, decided to start from scratch with the information and add additional data as the registration process progressed. This was so simple, why hadn’t I found this before. I am happy as a pig in poo!

Had my lunch and had a call from my work lunch buddy. A good 27 minutes on the phone and I felt really good. The small talk was the tonic. Divert my thoughts from my troubles and look at things in a different light.

I now had the motivation to wash the dishes, put the clothes in the laundry and do housework. My wife was still in a depressed state, with no motivation to move off the couch, so I was left to do everything around the home.

I then thought it was time to book an appointment with my doctor to get the result of the x-ray. Hopefully, they have received the report from the radiologist, by the time I front up.

The rest of the day was to catch up on outstanding things, and then go to bed, hoping I get a good nights sleep.


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