A good year – 2018 – day 78

Woke up and with the 2 hours of sleep, knew this was going to be a struggle.

I readied myself for work, with the intention of going to the podiatrist appointment and then go to work straight after. While in the shower, the thought of work overwhelmed me with dread, an absolute fear of being at work.

I got out of the shower and put on walking clothes. I know I will walk to the podiatrist, to calm down.

At the podiatrist, I informed her I was there for a diabetic check. In I go, and she puts a blood pressure cuff on my left arm and records the good blood pressure. 132/71. Yahoo. The cuff is then put around my left ankle, and while measuring the blood pressure on that ankle, proceeded to do an ultrasound on my right foot. Blood pressure in the left ankle was about 120/60 and good pulse in the right foot.

The feet were then swapped, with similar results. Very good so far!

Then it was time to be poked around the foot with light fishing line. Sensory perception is very good too.  All good.

Then I had the callouses removed from my feet. Boy, they feel good.

When all finished, headed home and started to sob, I don’t want to go to work!!

Arrived home and contacted work that I was still feeling the same.

I then went through my appointments and found I had to get an x-ray of my back.

I went and got my x-rays and then go home and have my usual lunch.

I then went through the paperwork from the weekend and started to write up a summary to distribute to clubs. Then I notice that there is a general meeting for Bushwalking Queensland Inc. on Thursday night. Will leave the distribution till then.

I then went through the emails for the BVRT trek 4 DQ to see if there were more registrations. Dealt with them and then it was time for bed.

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