A good year – 2018 – day 77

Aah! now for day 2 of the Bushwalking Queensland Inc. Summit and Party.

To build on the day before, it was time to broadcast the activities of Bushwalking Queensland Inc. from its advocacy work to its cooperation with agencies and other organisations, to its fundraising activities.

The objects of the organisation were discussed as they were in bad need of updating as they were formulated in 1972!

Again the attendees were taken by the amount of information I was delivering and I could again see the learnings that I was imparting. This day ended with a cake cutting to celebrate the beginning of the bushwalking year.

In Queensland, being tropical/sub-tropical depending in which part of the state a club comes from, summer is always too hot to really get out and enjoy the bush. Once March rolls along, the weather is cooling down, and real bushwalking can be undertaken.

So, when I arrived home, I was once again on cloud nine, and the worries of work were left far behind. I am ready to tackle work again.

Good day led to a good night, but the sleep was lacking. Managed to get 2 hours sleep.

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