A good year – 2018 – day 76

This day was an important day for me!

Bushwalking Queensland Inc. had programmed a Summit and Party, more like a conference, symposium, get-together, a chance for members of affiliated clubs to get together and talk all things bushwalking.

This is a two-day event, and today was all about technology and bushwalking, and what clubs should embrace in an effort to maintain and improve memberships.

The day proceeded with the following:

1. Acknowledgement to Country:

I would like to recognise the Traditional Owners and Custodians past, present and emerging of this land on which we now stand and also conduct our various outdoor related activities throughout Queensland.

I thank them for the privilege of being able to conduct our business and activities on this their land.

I also would like to recognise those Elders, past, present and emerging who are historically connected to this land also.

2. The Bushwalking Queensland website and the plan for its re-build.

3. The impact of technology on bushwalking and apps, social media platforms and other forms of technology to be embraced.

4. Marketing using social media and how to present the club in a good light.

Once the day was over and I went back home, I was absolutely pleased with my performance and the feedback about how much they had got out of the session.

This feeling overrode the stress I was feeling from work, especially with not knowing why I feel sick.

With my head in cloud nine, I reviewed the day, and prepared for the next day, and then went to bed early.

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