A good year – 2018 – day 74

Feeling lousy, urination steady at once an hour, kidneys aching, dehydration, headaches…

No work today. Have doctor’s appointment later today. So took it easy after advising work of my absence.

Pottered around home to keep my mind off my ills.

Time to see the doctor…

Front up…

“Your kidney function is normal, your liver function is normal, your blood glucose level is excellent!Get up on the bed and let me look,’ says the doctor.

I climb onto the bed, lie down face up and the doctor pokes and prods with the “does this hurt?” mantra. Nothing. I feel fine.

“Sit up and I’ll look at your back.”  Then tap-tap here and tap-tap there. All good!


Rub the left side of the spine and there was the pain – a muscle spasm.

Back to my seat and it was paperwork time. Diabetes Management Plan time.

“Have you seen an optometrist?” “Yes, regularly,” I reply.

“Have you seen a podiatrist within the last twelve months?” “No, I haven’t seen one for some time.”

Handed a  referral letter to the podiatrist.

“Need to make sure it is a muscle spasm, so I’ll send you to get an xray.”

“OK”, I said.

“How much Lovan are you taking each day? Tablets of capsules?”

“2 capsules in the morning,” I answer inquisitively.

“This large dose you have been taking over the last couple of years needs to be cut down as it causes kidney damage! From now on, take two on one day and one on the other day and come back and seem me in three months so we can reduce the dosage further.”

“Crap,” I thought. “is this my problem and is it masking being detected?”

“I will also refer you to the physiotherapist, to have a look at your back.”

“OK,” I said.

I then proceeded to be handed all the paperwork and walk out of the office.

At the reception desk, signed the Medicare bulk bill form, and handed the physiotherapist referral letter over and an appointment was made.

I went to the car and thought, I might as well visit the podiatrist, while out and about. So went to the podiatrist, handed over the referral letter and left with that appointment made.

Went home and thought about the last few days.

Why do I feel like this? Is there some other underlying condition rearing its ugly head?

Then I started to get teary…I felt a tinge of depression coming on.

Could it be stress?

Let’s review the last couple of weeks…

Defensive – yes.

Avoidance – yes.

Seborrheic dermatitis set in – yes

Muscle spasms in the neck – yes

Feeling of helplessness – yes

Feeling alone in the world – yes.

Want to run and not fight – yes.

I am stressed. Well, this is timely, we are discussing at work how to quantify each day’s stress and how to manage it in our team.

I will see how the weekend pans out before making further decisions.

With that, I played games, watched TV and went to bed.


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