A good year – 2018 – day 73

Up early… need to visit the pathologist before I eat so I have fasted for 12 hours. Need to get the urine sample.

Sorted that out!

Went to the Pathologist and give my urine sample and blood sample. Pathologist asks, “Was this sample mid-stream?”

Oh come on lady, I woke I was busting, I couldn’t give a rat’s about which part of the stream I had taken my sample from!! “I can’t remember!” I said.

“Go to the toilet down the passage to the left and make sure it is mid-stream!”

In I went and like a trooper produced the required goods.

Returned to the pathologist, and handed over the specimen.  Got it right!

Then gave out my left arm ready for the blood sample to be taken. Watched intently as the needle was inserted into the holder for the collection tube to be installed, then a quick tightening of the tourniquet, with a lifting of the veins, then a quick stab, with a slight pinprick, and the collection tube was filling with my goodness. When full it was replaced with another tube. Once this was filled, off came the tourniquet, out went the collection device and needle and a quick placement of cotton ball over the puncture to stop further bleeding.

After completing the paperwork and a piece of tape placed over the cotton ball, it was time to get out.

I was due to catch the bus to work, but felt very ordinary, so decided to go back home and report to work of my absence.

I then took the girls to school and came home and settled down in front of the TV. This lethargy is annoying. I remembered I hadn’t had breakfast. So made myself breakfast and felt better for eating it!

But the kidney pain would not go away!

Did some work on outstanding projects and cleared those decks.

Later that day decided to see the doctor again tomorrow, due to the way I was feeling, and see if the results had come in.

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