A good year – 2018 – day 72

Middle of the week. I am coming down with a freaking cold, methinks! Maybe the remnant of the previous bout, but I am urinating excessively!!

Worked all day as usual for a Wednesday, but took my lunch break to visit my doctor.

Turned up at the doctor’s and said, “I have three things!”

The doctor said, ” The first one?”

“I have aching kidneys and urinating a lot and lethargic.”

“Ok. Take this specimen bottle and get me a urine sample.”

I thought, “Gawd. I was busting to go when I arrived. Can I deliver again fifteen minutes later?”

In the toilet cubicle for five minutes. Epic fail! Returned with empty container. Doctor just sealed the bottle with paperwork and handed me to take care of at a later time.  Also gave a script for trimethoprim.

Doctor then says, “Number 2?”

I said, “My Lovan prescription has been completed, so I might as well get more repeats!”

Doctor says, “OK”, and then enters the details on the computer and then contacts PBS to get authorisation, after which I am given my prescription.

Doctor says, “Right last one, you said three?”

I said, “Yes. I need to update my diabetes health care plan for the NDSS.”

Doctor, “Ok! you haven’t had a blood test for quite a while.” The doctor prints out the form for the pathologist to get kidney function, liver function, and HbA1c. Plus reminder of the urine test.

Once that was over it was back home to work.

I was feeling really poorly. Hope the tests tomorrow reveal the cause!

Rest of the day was quiet as I strategised about my movements tomorrow. But boy am I dehydrated!!!


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