A good year – 2018 – day 71

The start of the eleventh week of the year. Boy time is flying.

Felt so good this morning, all clear and no sign of the cold I had. Continued on my regimen of ginger and lemon tea with honey to make sure the bug was out of me.

My medication is getting low, so today is the day for the prescription to get a refill. Checked for the script, and none.  Oh No! I have to visit the doctor to get a new prescription for the next six months. I then went to test my blood glucose. Oh No! I am out of strips.

Went to work with the day planned out, and making sure I had gathered everything together for the morning tea send off.

Arrived at work and then went into preparation mode for the morning tea. Some items needed to be purchased so off to the shops and acquire them. Had the morning tea and the card was well received!

My skills in that department have been re-affirmed.

Later that day, the team gift was also given, and that was also well received! That’s two for me! The day ended well and I headed home.

I then started to develop a slight cough and a bit of lower backache.

Went to bed to see how I was in the morning.

During the night I had more than expected night visits to the toilet. Could this be an infection setting in?

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