A good year – 2018 – day 70

Woke early for a bushwalk.

Looks like the cold that had kept me home on Friday had gone. Yippee!

Picked up by Andy and made tracks for Williamson Road, Morayfield, and the trailhead in Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park. It had been wet, so a soggy walk was expected.

After meeting the group, it was onward on the walk. Entering the park through the gate, then walked 200m to the track junction. Turned left and followed the Grey Gum Circuit toward the Phelps Road entrance and bridge over Sheep Station Creek. Good to see some water in it for a change.

From this bridge, continued along Grey Gum Circuit to the Intersection with Spotted Gum Track. Followed this track through the heart of the park to its junction with the Grey Gum Circuit and then turned left onto Grey Gum Circuit, walking back towards the Phelps Road entrance. At the junction with Ironbark Ridge Track turned left and folowed this track back through the heart of the park to the Grey Gum Circuit. Turned left and followed the Grey Gum Circuit back to the Williamson Road trail head.

The weather had fied up as the day progressed, so was home for lunch. Aftwr lunch, went out and mowed the lawn. My lawn adds 10000 steps to my day, so overall for the day I had amassed 25000 steps. Woohoo.

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