A good year – 2018 – day 66

It’s clickety-clicks – sixty-six!!

A very wet day beckoned. At least I am home today to work. Started the day tackling my tasks and created a task list. Hope this will continue and reduce my stress and confusion. I am very lax at adopting new practices.

The day continued with ups and downs but should be resolved the next day.

Finished work and went out in the garden and commenced some weeding as it had stopped raining. No sooner had I started though, down it came.

Went inside and that was it for the night, just more walk processing and then came up with the idea to utilise iDatabase for the registrations which also syncs with my phone.  Good idea!

So imported the information from the spreadsheet that had been created then added the information from the registration forms.

So relieved at this working, I went to bed!

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