A good year – 2018 – day 63

Clean Up Australia Day

Woke at 3.30am full of motivation for the big day. Need to meet at 6.30am, so to leave home at 5.00am.

Went to my shed to extricate forgotten items for the day. As much as I tried to not make noise, the more I made! having retrieved these items loaded up the car and then had breakfast. After a shower and a clothes indecision, finally was ready to go, albeit 15 minutes late!

So into the car and away I went. Down the highway, and a sudden thought…have I got everything? Two thoughts:

  1. Pull over and check and see I have everything  OR
  2. Continue on and get there and find I had forgotten something!

Decision – pull over off the highway and all is good! Phew!

Continue on the drive.

As I was close to the meet point and it was 6.35 am. The phone rings. I can name the caller, and I am just around the corner. Tanya your timing is impeccable. Arrive and finish setting up.

Then it was into the car and drive in company with Shayne Neumann Federal MP for Blair and go to Borallon Station Road. Once there met up with Greg Noble and Jim Madden State MP for Ipswich West. After a photo shoot, Shayne, Greg and I headed off with our bags down the rail trail to James Road. Pleasant stroll, no rubbish seen. returned to the car and moved to Pine Mountain. Hope to have better luck this time.

Walked back to James Road from Pine Mountain and finally found pay dirt. The first piece was found 100m from the start of this section.


By the time James Road was reached, 5 pieces of rubbish had been collected. A phone call from Tanya saying her group had finished. Due to the heat, we abandoned and returned to home base at John Murphy Park.

At the start, there were about 20 bags of rubbish and a full skip! What a day!


So, a trip into Fourthchild at Ipswich to pick up the sandwich and fruit platters and return to a scrumptious meal. Once over it was pack up and then depart.

Being in the area, decided to go and check out the Cricket Pitch at Pine Mountain, and walk the link between the Rail Trail and the Cricket Pitch.  Found the route, eventually after taking a scenic circuit in the vine forest,  and then had a short rest, then headed home.

At home, I gloated in the great day…I have found a new avenue for me for sure. Then it was recovery time. The illness had gone, so the grueling days I had were a boon.

At a decent time, went to bed for well-earned sleep!

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