A good year – 2018 – day 62

Woke up feeling the same as I have felt all week. Low blood sugar, cold-like symptoms…

Hot and humid day to boot.

Sue went to a friends place for the day, leaving me to my devices.

Having tackled emails and social media, I thought breakfast would suffice (even though it was more like morning tea!). Had breakfast and then thought it was high time to mow the lawn. I know that heavy exercise in the heat and humidity will sort out my health!

So trimmed the edges, pulled out long grass along the fence, then mowed. Could only mow in fifteen minute periods as the sweat was running out of me!

After two and a half hours, and 10km, the mowing was finished.

While having a break it was time for lunch and I had run out of my usual fare. So decided to make myself a hearty salad with turkey steak. That went down well and really refreshed me.

Next on the agenda was to prepare for the next days Clean Up Australia Day 2018 event.

It looked like a change was coming going by the sly in the southwest but it petered out.

So after collecting my things for the next day settled in for dinner and wind down for bed.

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