A good year – 2018 – day 61

Here it is Friday.

After waking, and feeling stuffy in the head, and then getting ready for work, I waited for my second daughter and her friend to accompany me to the bus stop. But the friend was dragging the chain, so I left and walked to the bus stop. My second daughter eventually arrived, but no friend.

So, it was my second daughter, my eldest daughter’s friend from up the street, and three other neighbours beginning our morning commute.

The bus arrived and once on board, made myself comfortable and proceeded to play games on my phone, and check Facebook and Twitter. Arriving at the station some ten minutes after boarding, it was on up the stairs and over to platform 1 for the City and Springfield Central train.

Once on the train, sit with daughter no. 2 and continued on my game playing and social media. I had forgotten to charge up the phone overnight, so I plugged it into my MacBook and discovered it too, had not been charged and was sitting at 38%. So when I arrived at my station, I unplugged the phone and it had gained 15% in charge. This will do till I get to work.

My walk through the city took an extraordinary 11 minutes to tackle the 1.3 km, better than 10 minutes per km. I arrived at work and felt really down again!

BGL check – 4.8. Yep! another day with low blood glucose.

I consulted my manager about it, and he arranged a meeting with me and my supervisor. I am happy with the outcome and did not realise my supervisor did not know I had type 2 diabetes. So all cards were laid on the table.

As the morning progressed I felt worse, and by lunch was down to 4.1.  I had my usual lunch of 4 slices of multigrain bread and a can of tuna, but the fatigued feeling, the shaking, and the sweating would not subside. Even though my lunch buddy was making me feel better, the physiological side of things irked me!

I battled through the day, regardless and finally left work, the same time as my lunch buddy. We had a good conversation walking to the station about blogging as she wanted to exhibit her art on a website and get better than 2 followers. I let her know of my experiences and how to hone down to reap the rewards of opportunities as they presented themselves.

We parted company when my train arrived and she had found her boyfriend. The trip home was usual fare and as I missed the bus, was picked up and decided to shout the family fish and chips.

Once home it was time to go through the registrations for the BVRT Trek 4 DQ 15/25/100 km walk and create a database with the returned forms.

I use iDatabase a simple but effective and fully customisable database with drag and drop set up and makes life simple.

So having completed these tasks it was off to bed, listening to the sweet sound of rainfall.


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