A good year – 2018 – day 60

Woke up this morning ready to go and face the day.  The cold is just sniffles but not too bad. My BGL was a little lower than previous at 4.7. Hopefully, breakfast would fix that!

Travelled into work and felt really good. Once I was ready for work, a slight headache kicked in and I started to get shaky and sweaty. Here we go again.  BGL reading 4.5. This cold is causing grief.

I dug out my supply of some sweet food to lift my glucose level but at lunch, it was 4.8. I still felt lousy.

Battled through the day, continuing on my tasks, but not in the best condition.

I walked to the station and sat down in the train, and I had a slight ache in the right side of my chest, a sharp pain across my forehead, and itchy eyes. This is not turning out good at all!

I am also in a quandary, in that I am torn between getting up early Saturday morning to go to church or get things done around the home before getting up early on Sunday morning to conduct Clean Up Australia Day.

I will gain guidance…

Once home, I sat down in a bath of sweat, and with dinner nearly ready, check my BGL and it was 4.5.  This is not good.  Although I am recommended to never get below 3.9, the way I am feeling is a better indicator than the amount of glucose in my blood!

Apart from that, I had an overall good day. Everything else panned out well,

Now to settle down with the Good Book and get some shut-eye.


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