A good year – 2018 – day 59

So the last official day of summer in Australia!

Autumn tomorrow!

I am coming down with a cold, but only have it slight at the moment. The dry day might take control of that.

Worked on my usual tasks, plus other community-related tasks. One organisation would probably benefit from work on governance instruments to progress the organisation and project the reason for the existence of the organisation.

This may mean reducing the impact of outside threats and identify the strengths.

As I was working from home, decided on finishing work to get some gardening done. That was going well till I found the green ant nest. Only I didn’t notice them till two bites on my left hand made me check.  They were not happy!

No more gardening for today…

Nice afternoon and evening as I wound down for the day with the cold not getting any worse, nor any better either.

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