A good year – 2018 – day 58

Woke with a stuffy head.

My children are suffering from a summer cold…maybe I am affected too.

My BGL before breakfast was 4.8, a good reading. Had my usual routine and went to work. On the way in as I was walking through the city, I started to get dizzy spells, sweats, fatigued feeling and shaking. I made it into work, and my blood levels were at 4.8, the same before breakfast 2.5 hours ago!  I gave myself a sugar hit and it relieved the symptoms, but only temporarily.

So I went about my tasks and struggled as the day progressed. I went to a meeting and hoped that I would get through that.

Finally, lunch came around and the blood test was 4.8 again!  At lunch ploughed into my tuna sandwich (tuna and multi-grain bread) with a banana. A drink of water with this and I felt some relief. The rest of the day can’t go quick enough!

Once I was on my way home, I started to feel worse. No afternoon tea was probably a factor, and I also feel a cold taking over.

Once home and another BGL reading of 5.0, a bit better, but I don’t feel like it…

I then worked on emails and facebook and headed to bed for a good night’s sleep. Hope all is OK in the morning!

At least I am keeping up my banana regime. Haven’t been having night cramps while eating two bananas a day!!

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