A good year – 2018 – day 57

Back to work day. And what a day…everything is finally falling into place.

The bus driver must have been David Coulthard’s right-hand man as we arrived at RothwellStation 5 minutes early, meaning getting the train 12 minutes earlier than the usual. I arrived at work well before 8!

Trained a colleague, assisted another, reviewed work practices and continued on the task at hand.

After work, with a large storm system coming, I arrived home in the nick of time before the heavens opened.

I then caught up on emails, processed walk registrations and went to bed. A fairly uneventful day, but gave me a chance to reflect on myself, a kind of debrief was warranted.

I am in a bit of a quandary now that my eldest daughter is home from the Mental Health Unit. I am being pulled to going to church which I haven’t been involved with for twenty years, due to family circumstances. But opportunities are presenting themselves:

  1. A new environment for my eldest daughter but a caring and giving one.
  2. They have outdoor activities which I see a need to be part of.
  3. They meet on a Saturday, so my Sunday commitments do not clash.
  4. I am a friend of a member of the church so fitting in will be so much easier.
  5. The church is vibrant…

The threats are just as important:

  1. My wife doesn’t like the idea of attending church, after her previous bad experiences.
  2. It is a long way to travel to this church, but there is plenty of time to get there
  3. Could I sacrifice a whole day for this?
  4. Will the expectation be too restrictive to allow me to continue on with my life, especially when priorities may mean foregoing for a day occasionally?

This is going to take some praying and soul searching…

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