A good year – 2018 – day 56

Woke up early to the effects of the cream from the night before. Crossed the lactose intolerance line. Anyway bushwalking day today, I will burn it out of me!

So, after getting the gear together, I waited to be picked up and noticed it was a glorious blue-sky, sunny day! Yay!

Arrived at the Glass House Mountains Lookout, and only one other car! usually this car park is packed!

After the group gathered it was off on the walk as described on my club’s blog page.

The walk was gruelling in the humidity, with many ascents and descents, but during the walk, helped a tourist in walks in the area.

Once the walk was finished we adjourned to Matthew Flinders Park for lunch and a meeting about the Pilgrimage. The sky grew dark so it was a quick depart.

On the way home, a large cloudburst was seen south of Caboolture. As we got closer to home, it was obvious that home was getting it.

On arrival at home, the rain was torrential and I noticed my shed door was open!

The back patio was filling with water and the shed was full of water.

I ran into the rain in my sweaty clothes and shut the shed door. The water had reached its maximum height and then the rain subsided.

Half an hour later, you couldn’t tell the amount of rain that had fallen!

The rest of the day was prepare for work, take a nap, and rest and recover from the walk.

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