A good year – 2018 – day 54

Today was a special day.

After making sure one daughter left home early enough to get the transport into TAFE, and then taking the other one to school as it was raining, I readied myself for my day.

I drove to Caloundra through the heaviest rain I have seen for a while but arrived at The Event Centre, Minchinton Street, Caloundra unscathed. I went in and met staff from Diabetes Queensland for a donor morning tea. They presented an overview of where the money raised goes and gave me a chance to speak to some people with type 1 diabetes and get their perspective on the support provided by Diabetes Queensland.

This morning tea gave me the drive to continue on the path I have chosen to arrange fundraisers and challenge events for Diabetes Qld.

After the morning tea, drove home and again through torrential rain. The creeks were up higher now. I hope the rain subsides by Sunday for the club bushwalk!

Once I arrived home, the rain had eased so I grabbed my wife and we went shopping for the weekend’s supplies so went won’t have to venture out again if the weather was poor.

Once home unpacked the groceries, then toyed with how I was going to deal with these maps. I rolled them up at first into groups of map type but the rolls were too thick to handle. Looks like I am going to have to roll the copies of individual maps together. At least then it will make for easier distribution anyway.

This is a big job. Oh well, will fit it in with other activities as I go!

After a couple of hours, and including dinner, watched some TV then bed.


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