A good year – 2018 – day 53

A day off! My eldest daughter is coming home from the hospital either today or tomorrow!! Yay! Hope she sticks to the recommended diet to keep her weight on!

The day was spent preparing for the meeting tonight. Re-did the agenda with latest issues and emailed a pdf and docx format for the committee and the secretary to edit. Had compiled a wish list for Bushwalking Queensland Inc. and I hope the tasks are accepted.

Found a project one of my daughters had done about positivity and loved it!

So had a lift to the station and caught the train to Milton Station. I then walked to Baroona Road, followed Baroona Road to Fernberg Road and climbed the hill and then descended to Alma Street. This street descended steeply, then ascended steeply to Latrobe Terrace. Crossed Latrobe Terrace and went down the steep hill on Terrace Street. The street then ascended steeply to Kennedy Terrace. To a right dogleg to go down Grassey Street, which again descended steeply then climbed steeply to Arthur Terrace. Took a left dogleg and went down steeply on Mornington Street, but at the bottom turn right into Lemnos Street and the meeting place. Apart from sweat, that walk was great…need to do this when training.

The meeting went well, and 2018 is off and running!

Now to action those items.

Returned home with a pile of maps: parish maps, cadastrals, army, forestery and topographic. Ned to go through them and list the maps, there are many copies of the same map too. Looks like about 500 maps!

As it was pouring rain when I arrived home, put the maps on the dry concrete of the garage to deal with in the daylight.

Went inside and settled in…and was informed to go out and pick up daughter no. 2 and her friend.  The rain was absolutely pouring down and then I remembered the maps. So I  broke open the pile and carted the maps to the outdoor table, and then went out in the car.

Returned home and worked on logos for the BVRT Trek 4 DQ and Bushwalking Qld Inc.



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