A good year – 2018 – day 51

Another extraordinary day. Even though I woke at 3.30am with no hope of getting more sleep in before 4.30am, I was powering for the day.

The bus was on time, the train was on time, I am on cloud nine!

Work is progressing well, although the database I am converting shows what happens when it is built with no foresight and the enhancements each year make the job more difficult to consolidate the data. But I am halfway through the second stage. The last stage is easy as the data is in Excel format, and will just need breaking up of some of the fields to format nicely.

The trip home was relaxing as I caught the train to meet my bus and arrived home to see my eldest daughter home for a couple of days, before going back to the hospital for discharge.

It is pleasing to see all the plans I am working on are falling into place.

The BWQ Summit and Party will be finalised at Thursday night’s meeting, where other topics will be discussed to progress Bushwalking Queensland Inc. I have created a new logo and hope it will be accepted across the broader community.

The Happy Feet Bushwalk is progressing well with the risk management plans and participants guides well advanced. I plan to have these complete by the end of the month.

Clean Up Australia Day plans are progressing well. There is some interest but will probably have registrations on the day.  I will be responsible for cleaning up between Muirlea and Borallon to Sandy Creek (Ipswich City Council area).

The BVRT Trek 4 DQ is getting numbers in for all the distances on offer, and donations are rolling in.

I have a meeting on Sunday with my club to discuss progress with the PIlgrimage 2018 at Jimna and other matters.

So that’s it, another fruitful day!

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