A good year – 2018 – day 49

What a restless night! At least no cramps, but a bit of gastro.

Today was a great day as I spent the morning removing all the lawn clippings and other green waste that I had stockpiled into the back of my ute. I use a large piece of knitted greenhouse screen (which I usually use as a floor in my caravan annex) to line the ute and after loading throw it back over the load. One length of rope crossed over the top holds it down and because it is a screen, doesn’t billow in the wind.

Once I had collected all that I could find and tied it down, off to the tip I went. I arrived at the tip and only three cars in the queue to get in! I have come at the right time again. So I waited my turn, then crossed the weighbridge and I had gained 200kg in garden waste! I showed my drivers licence to prove I was a resident, then drove the 2 km inside the complex to the green waste part of the tip (resource recovery station, to be exact). I backed up to the pile (more like a mountain, these Moreton Bay people sure do a lot of gardening!!), untied the cover and opened the tailgate of the ute.

I draped the screen out from the back, pulled on the part covering the load, and the load would not budge. Going to take some effort here. Perhaps some branch has wedged itself in the tray and making things impossible. So I huffed and puffed and pulled in all manner of directions till the whole load rolled out and dropped onto the ground. Stage 1 done. Now to extricate the screen from the pile!

After a long duration, all of a sudden the screen was let go, and I could throw it into the ute with the rope and get out of the tip!

As I was departing the tip, the queue to enter had grown to about 30 cars! I knew I had once again picked the right time to get here!

When I arrived back home, I washed out the ute, then saw how much I had been covered in dust which had mixed with my sweat, making me look really unpleasant! So inside and had a shower and then had lunch. I was about to sit down when I remembered it was weight day, so I hopped on the scales – 106.8! I have lost 5 kg since Christmas!

I thought to check my blood glucose level as it was a hot day, and I had done ten rounds with garden waste. Blood reading 4.8! Woohoo! All is good!

Had lunch then put a load of towels in the washing machine, dutifully added the laundry detergent and softener, set the washing machine and walked away. Went shopping for badly needed supplies.


Went to the washing machine and as the cycle had finished, put the towels in the dryer and started it. I then loaded up with other washing, got another scoop of laundry detergent and noticed the softener had not been used. Stopped the dryer, and the load was dry except for a couple of used towels – they hadn’t been washed!

So unload the washing machine, and then unload the dryer and put that load into the washing machine and made sure I hit the start button, which to great effect started to fill with water straight away.

So that put my plans back an hour…

The rest of the day was more administration type work, doing risk management assessments for upcoming fundraisers.

That is the day…

I did, however, get all philosophic while working in the garden!

A zero-dimension object is a dot, not form, not aware of other objects in its universe. 

BUT, a few do come into contact and line up (they don’t like looking at others, so in a line, you get to only see the minimum – TWO.

Hello, we have a one-dimension object – a line.

Then these lines get together in the same plane, perhaps to be as visible at a minimum again. These lines combined form two-dimensional shapes.

Then a few lines and shapes in other planes meet the ones in this plane and we have a three-dimensional object, an object of our world. 

Albert Einstein through his theories showed that time is yet another dimension, but for our universe in only one dimension, so we are in a four-dimensional world. 

So, if time is actually, two-dimensional, or even three-dimensional, objects in these universes may seem to last forever as the time vector they are travelling might only be a very small component of our time vector. Is this the universe of our Creator?

We can see and visualise lower dimensions, and create objects in these lower dimensions. So if God is a resident of 5-, or 6- dimensions universe, then our origin might be explained, and the universe is finite, although expanding as our universes are getting together to form the higher up dimensions until a limit is reached. To God, the last 4.5 billion of our years might be just a weeks work to Him!


Good night!


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