A good year – 2018 – day 46

Things are progressing well with everything.

I am so happy at the moment, even a speed bump three days ago is not going to faze me. It was probably the shake-up I needed to get back on the straight and narrow.

I gave my daughter the

It was such a good day, it flew by…

Stepped out at lunch to buy a new laptop case for the MacBook Air as my daughter had seen the one wanted and advised which store to go to. While there, decided it was time to upgrade my case as the one I have had for a few years was showing its age.

I put my MacBook into the newly purchased cover (bit blingy and girly for my liking, but it was for my daughter!), and it fits nicely into my backpack – I’ve got to get me one of these!!

That evening headed home as a slight storm struck, with a bit of rain to dampen the ground. Going over the Goodwill Bridge, being the shortest and hence quickest route in the rain, I slipped twice on the downslope on the southern end of the bridge. The person who I was walking with and I, had only talked about how slippery this bridge surface is on the northern and uphill part of the bridge. Second slip and down I went down on my right knee. All good. No damage. Continued on to the station.

I then caught the train, and as embarrassing it was, with my MacBook in a blingy, pink, shimmery case, I was not going to get it out in the train. Luckily I had some tough levels on games on my phone which kept me amused for the trip home.

Once home, I give the daughter the laptop case and she said she had forgotten the black leather shoes she needed for TAFE the next day. So off shopping again…

This time went to the same brand store as I had been in earlier that day, after getting the shoes, and found the laptop case for my liking. Went to the counter, and lo and behold! the bank account was empty!!

Great! The lovely shop assistant said she keep it on hold until the weekend, where I am sure the bank account would be sorted.

And home we went.

No time to do other things so watched a bit of TV and then went to bed, contented in the day I had. I was handed a package that had arrived earlier that day…my “Mad Man With A Box” phone case!! YAY!!


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