A good year – 2018 – day 42

Today was Brisbane Valley Day. Chance to get out and survey more for the BVRT Trek4DQ. Drove to Moore and familiarised myself for the start. Looks good and across the road from the Old Church Gallery.


Contented with the start of the 100km walk,  then proceeded to see the next crossing on Arababy Creek Road.  I drove past the crossing, but it stood with the sudden change in direction of the road in a dog leg.

I went down and had a look at the Brisbane River while there…what a magic spot!!

fullsizeoutput_e0dIt was then time to head to Harlin and meet Tanya and proceed to Hudd’s Farm. Driving to Harlin, just before the crest leading into town, the phone rang. I pulled up over the crest and saw in the distance, Tanya’s car, and who was on the phone, Tanya.

So we met up and then proceeded south of Harlin to see the progress of the BVRT Toogoolawah to Moore section. The Harlin deviation is well advanced with the trail coming over a hill from the old rail line to the former line of the Brisbane Valley Highway into Harlin via Ann Street.

Having seen the progress of the work, it was time to go to Hudds Farm. This farm straddles the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, with Clydesdale horses the main residents of the farm. After meeting and surveying the farm, the purpose of the visit was dealt with and then a tour of the farm.

What lovely horses! What arrangements have been made… This trek just keeps getting better!

After the meeting, it was time to head to Rosewood for another meeting, and quick detour up Gregor Creek Road showed the amazing progress.

Arriving at Rosewood twenty minutes late was not a problem, and the meeting proceeded.  After the meeting, went outside and my jaw dropped…there was one heck of a storm coming! I have about 100km to get home can I keep in front of it!

It looked ugly, shelf cloud in layers, green tinge above and below the shelf cloud, and lightning like you wouldn’t believe. I am getting sick of my car being hammered with hail!

So driving home carefully, but with haste, through strong winds lashing the car and throwing tree branches and twigs at me. Some traffic lights were out, but by the time I made it home, the road was dry, the wind had abated, but the lightning was so bright and longlasting, it was almost daylight.

I made it home thankful and relieved for a safe trip.


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