A good year – 2018 – day 39

Woke this morning with a spring in my step. The achievements from yesterday are sinking in. The work task to be completed by 23/02/2018 is as good as licked. Just have to deal with a few more issues today and that will be that.

The bus arrived at the station early, meaning the earlier train.

This led to being at work early by fifteen minutes – more for the day-off-bank.

As I arrived at work, I met my lunch buddy and her boyfriend.

It was a run of the mill day, with a couple of meetings to attend, then the usual lunch with my lunch buddy, discussing all things psychological, spiritual, and Christianity.

I may be christened into the Presbyterian Church, attended Methodist Church and its boys unit – The Order of Knights, then with leaving home and joining the Navy, I rarely visited a church, but the Navy’s Christian traditions rang true with me and I attended religious ceremonies when the opportunity arose.

After taking my 8-year discharge from the Navy, I found myself drifting around the western suburbs of Sydney, trying to find my new footing. I felt the calling to return home to Brisbane and upon doing so, was recruited into the Queensland Police Service. During the recruitment phase, I met a family who invited me into their home, and eventually, I followed them to the local Baptist Church. My second brother in the meantime had become involved with his local Baptist Church, so I felt the path in front of me was right. I was baptised into the Baptist Church and went there till I was posted to another small Queensland town.

In that town, I ran the youth group and gained respect from the Church community and the town.

I was then posted back to a nearby station to where I had begun my police career, but at this stage, most of the people from the church I used to attend had moved on. I had also met and married my wife who had recently left her local Jehovah’s Witness Church, so didn’t want to upset that apple cart until she was ready for both of us to attend a church of our liking or fitting our calling.

With a family coming along and growing, other interests evolved, and any need to attend church diminished, but I still faithfully participated in religious ceremonies when the occasion came about.

After changing to a public servant job, I was receiving fulfilment from my family, my hobbies, and other interests that I didn’t feel the need to seek a church, but would seek guidance anyway when the time came.

Being diagnosed with PTSD, and later diabetes, my goals changed and I became driven to do the best I could to get my ship steady on fair seas with full sail. My passion for bushwalking increased, especially once I found out how good it was doing me.  Being out there was fulfilling:

  • my physical self in keeping healthy;
  • my psychological self in reducing stress and diverting my thinking away from the issues for a while;
  • my spiritual self in wondering how great nature is, knowing where I came from, and ultimately to return to being one with nature as a whole

Now at work, my lunch buddy is a Seventh Day Adventist, and not knowing much about this faith I am fascinated by their interpretations, tenets of life and other aspects that differentiate the religions. I feel no threat to talk with her. I am at peace wuith this discussion. It also gives me suport in dealing with my own problems

Once lunch was over it was back to work and finish the task, that I swore would be finished that day.

I then reviewed my other work, and then it was time to head home.

I couldn’t be happier. I am on top of the world…remember The Carpenters.

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