A good day – 2018 – day 41

What a busy day.

Time to get the house ready for inspection. Got stuck into cleaning the lounge room and moved all the furniture and vacuumed, wiped down walls, and cleaned out window tracks and the like. That took me four hours and 10,000 steps.

During this time, my eldest daughter came on day release from the hospital. It was so good to see her and after a while, the family bar me went shopping. Eventually they came back and daughter 1 had purchased herself a TV and PlayStation and a cabinet to put all this in.

I was left to construct the cabinet, then continued cleaning with the main bedroom and hallway in my sights.

After this and feeling quite nauseous proceeded to deal with other tasks involving the organisations of which I am a part. This took me through dinner and then later that night till I deemed I was ready for bed!!

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