A good year – 2018 – day 37

Normal work day.

Left the building with a colleague at lunchtime as they wanted to purchase lunch and I needed a walk!

Left for home early as I had a Bushwalking Australia Inc. teleconference to take part in.

Forgot to get off the train at my station, so went to the next station (end of the line) and waited for the return trip.

Arrived home in time to have dinner, prepare for the teleconference and get my thoughts together.

Rang in and joined into a very productive teleconference. Nothing like hearing about the direction and what part we all play in progressing the association.

After the teleconference reviewed the actions and any to take to the Bushwalking Queensland Inc. committee meeting next Thursday.

I am feeling very positive and quite chuffed that the time I am putting into these ventures are paying off in spades.

Last chore for the night is to collect middle daughter from the cinema then head to bed!!

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