A good year – 2018 – day 34

Awoke early as I was suffering from gastro. I had felt uneasy all day yesterday but not enough to be a real problem!

As I was up, I had breakfast, watched television, while enjoying my morning coffee. About an hour or so later the “wearies” struck and I climbed back into bed. It was already quite cool for a February day, so I snuggled under the blanket and had another 5 hours sleep.

Waking at 11.30, it was definitely time to get the day underway, raining or not.

The first item was to check the feedback on the 100 km registration form. Everyone is happy. Now to do some minor alterations and create the 25 km and 15 km registration forms. Checked emails and a number of people requested the 100 km and the 25 km registration forms, which were duly emailed.

I then entered the details into a spreadsheet to keep track of the correspondence and payment for the respective trek distances.

The next thing to turn my mind to was the completion of the State report for the Bushwalking Australia teleconference. This was a fairly easy step and had that emailed out in no time.

So now the registration forms are out, I have to finalise the risk management plan, risk management assessment and participants guide for the BVRT Trek 4 DQ. I also realised that is the same place I am with the Happy Feet Bushwalk so I can work these in tandem. Really helps with the risk assessment putting one against the other.

There are still a lot of holes with regards to the BVRT Trek 4 DQ, but a few visits to the area in the ensuing weeks will fill in these gaps. The route has been nailed down, it is more the rest stops, meal breaks, and emergency procedures that need to be developed once the resources have also been nailed down.

So after the coldest day on record in February, and into the night, I ended my computer work and turned my mind to the kitchen, which was in good need of a cleanup. I worked like a Trojan and before I knew it, it was 3.00am…better go to bed.

So off to bed I went…

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