A good year – 2018 – day 33

Aah Friday!

Continued on at work from the previous day, but all files are gone.  Now to address the data formats of all my work over the years to standardise it for easier searching. Changes in IT, ideas in use of software, and better work practices have all led to this mish-mash of formats. The data is either in Excel spreadsheets, Access database tables and recently metadata on Sharepoint. Bringing this all together is the first step. Then migrating it to another platform is the next step. All for efficiency and effective delivery of services.

I really enjoy lunches with my lunch buddy. We get into some real philosophical issues and fruitful discussions. Gets me motivated to return to my desk for the afternoon and not lose the drive to continue. I have had many years of productivity dropping after lunch as the motivation became “how long before I go home”. My diabetes/PTSD/blood pressure was also helping by making me have a lack of sleep, which resulted in unbalanced blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

So, I think that after all these years, I am getting it all back together.

After work, it was off to a pizza bar to meet an ex-colleague. I was sceptical of the reaction from my wife after my indiscretions the previous week, but met had dinner and a couple of drinks and arrived at the station to be picked up by my wife at 9:30pm.

Once home it was time to turn to the registration forms for the BVRT Trek 4 DQ, but alas I was too tired! The weather had turned ugly, so it was in bed for an early night and deal with that the next day.

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