A good year – 2018 – day 32

New month – February, the year is progressing.

Getting these last backlog files out of the way is a challenge in itself. There is a good reason for their tardiness, would be easier to move them to the “Too Hard” basket. Lots of more work than normal to prove further action may need to be taken.

Left to have lunch on my own as my lunch buddy was caught up in meetings.

Turning my mind to the other tasks including data cleansing and “bubble” planning to be more inclusive of each other to “move to the blue”.

Started getting things completed with regards to my social life. Today was the day registrations for the BVRT Trek 4 DQ came live and a couple of emails came in to register.  Needed to knuckle down and get the registration forms finalised, having decided to do separate ones for each distance, to assist in the management of the trekkers. Completed the 100km registration form and sent it off for approval.

This is still inside my timeline as I was going to address registrations on the weekend anyway.

Prepared for the Bushwalking Australia teleconference on Tuesday night by compiling the reports I need to submit prior to the meeting.  Just got to make sure I get home in time from work to have dinner, boil the kettle and get hooked up online before the meeting.

In bed early after all this and had 6 hours sleep!!


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