A good year – 2018 – day 30

  1. Made it to an earlier train to catch, and then, was notified that my regular train had been cancelled
  2. Plans are gradually falling into place, even though others around me thinking nothing is getting done, as it seems that way. Especially when my plans only include certain people and there other plans for other groups I have to work through too! Too thin on the ground? Most of the plans parallel each other, making life easier.
  3. Creative juices are starting to flow in finalising work resulting from many months and a backlog.
  4. Coming events to knuckle down on:
    1. Clean Up Australia in Ipswich the featured photo is with Dean Wells, local State Member at the time and Yvette D’Ath, local Federal member with the rubbish collected that day in 2010 at Deception Bay.
    2. BWQ Summit and Party – caught up in what to program, who to invite and whether to pay for a guest to come up from Sydney and include accommodation to only have a handful of people in attendance.
    3. Diabetes Qld Happy Feet Bushwalk – finalising plans including risk management and event plans for a smooth bushwalking event…

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