A good year – 2018 – day 28

OMG, I have lost 2 kg weight in 4 days… now down 107.9 kg. Bushwalking season for me is off and running!!

  1. Slept wonderfully after the 10km walk last night and the 1-hour drive home.
  2. Upon bi-weekly weight result, fully motivated for the day.
  3. Went back to my parents for the final clear out. Surprised there was only a ute full of rubbish and other items to bring home, sort and take the rest to the tip. (last time I lost count of the number of tip trips done in their last move!
  4. Returned and prayed for rain.  Everywhere else and everybody else was reporting rain but not around here! The day was muggy making doing things difficult.
  5. My second daughter cooked a scrumptious dinner.

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