A good year – 2018 – day 27

Started to be a relaxing day…BUT…

  1. Helped my parents in collecting items from their house that they don’t want, but I might need during their move after selling up.
  2. Regained items I thought I had lost but were actually with my parents.
  3. Went for a night 10km walk in Ipswich Qld on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, with a group of 32. Much fun was had, and the only animals seen were two donkeys, one racehorse, two other horses, and a plethora of golden orb spiders. The walk finished at a local farmhouse owned by bushwalkers and a lovely supper was delightfully eaten.
  4. Arrived home around 11.30pm once the car shuffle had been disorganised.

BVRT Night Walk

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