A good year – 2018 – day 25

  1. Getting into planning proper at work. Compiled a project plan for the transformation of the data I use, and the consulted other areas to see if the plan is feasible. Produce a powerpoint presentation of the current work and identified where there were gaps and how to rectify them.
  2. Last day for a valued member of the team, the lunchtime celebration was followed by a social, then the after-social social, and rolled on… before I knew it I had missed the last train and had to wait till 6.22 am for the first train home.  Walk in the door at 8.00am.
  3. Seems some money slipped through my fingers that night, including the breakage of a new bottle of red wine!! Replaced with glee and embarrassment!  Comments of “get on the floor and outline the body in chalk”, added to the mirth!
  4. Seems I forgot to eat in all the merriment. Boy! Was I hungry around 1.00am!

Having had a stressful few weeks, this was not the way for me to relieve myself of it! Next time I will restrict myself to home time of 8.00pm.

Alerted that I had taken a photo of the buildings beside my building that were ready to be demolished. Took an updated photo, and what a difference there!

[Photo to be added after I can view the media! (WordPress glitch!)]

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