A good year – 2018 – day 24

  1. No travel today … work from home day.
  2. Dealing with wife’s issues, every spare minute today catching up on housework. At least I am home to provide all the assistance I can.
  3. Need to pay attention to our abode, surely that will be an inspection in the near future … ah, the joys of renting.
  4. Lunchtime on my back patio, watching the shenanigans of the bird life as they queue for a drink and a bath. That is until the Indian myna decides to take control and pushes the crows, magpies, peewees, spotted doves, and blue-faced honeyeaters out of the way.

Plans update:

  1. Pilgrimage 2018 – waiting for email from caterer and CWA Hall re pricing. Accommodation locked in. Just need details/quote of the band to decide that side of things.
  2. Bushwalking Qld:
    1. Positioning – logo review to be endorsed
    2. Website – the current website is in drastic need of change now as the support for the CMS has been withdrawn. Need to review content.
    3. Fundraising:
      1. The Happy Feet Bushwalk is two months away and now entering finalisation with a number of participants registered. Also offers of leaders which will make the event even more attractive.
      2. The BVRT Trek 4 DQ is also well in advance, with sponsorships, and donations rolling in.  Registrations open 01/02/2018 so needs more work before that date.
  3. Bushwalking Australia – need to prepare for meeting in two weeks, update the website, and compile State Report.
  4. Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club Inc. – newsletter is out, walk calendar for 2018 is out.

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