A good year – 2018 – day 22

This was a back to work day for a short week, Australia Day is on Friday.

  1. Transport timetables returned to normal, no more arriving at the station on the train to see the connecting bus departing, so have to wait half an hour for the next bus.  It is also about 35-minute walk home so a difficult choice whether to walk or wait!
  2. Gaining capacity at work in which to be able to let my initiative juices flow and converse across the teams to support them.
  3. Been slack in monitoring my blood glucose levels, but having no issues, and when I remember, the levels are fantastic anyway … now need to take a shade of weight off as the hot weather and a lethargy causing virus has been stopping me from walking!
  4. Helping my wife as she battles her own demons – menopause, depression and feeling blamed for our eldest daughter’s problems. The housework is being done by me between getting up for work, work, commuting, and sleeping. Just got to keep battling along, it will all get better soon!
  5. Arranging the catering for the Pilgrimage 2018 for the bushwalking clubs of Queensland.

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