A good year -2018- day 6

Good year - 2018 - day 6 1. My mother-in-law's 70th birthday! 2. Further designing logos in preparation for events of the upcoming year. 3. Draft new newsletter template for 2018 for my club. 4. Gave the modem/router at my mother-in-law's a kick in the teeth as it didn't think it could connect to the … Continue reading A good year -2018- day 6

A good year -2018- day 5

1. First working week of the year completed 2. Getting my head around the use of resilience diary and momentum planning...looking forward to the challenge 3. Sorted out the goals, challenges, themes and values for the year of the four organisations I am president/vice-president. 4. Began designing momentum planning for the organisations especially where one … Continue reading A good year -2018- day 5

A good year -2018- day 3

1. Meeting with Ipswich Hospital Foundation exceeded my expectations - looking forward to working with them. 2. My Resilience Diary arrived today...now to work out its structure and make myself more mentally fit!! 3. Great day for reflection as I plan out the coming year and break the plans into phases.