Diana’s Bath – finally made it!

Long history of trying

After 5 attempts to reach Diana’s Bath in what I think is the easiest way to get there, it was finally reached. What happened?

Attempt 1

Planned to follow the way most other clubs follow by descending from Mount Byron. By the time Mount Byron was reached there was no time to descend to Diana’s Bath.

Attempt 2

This day was cancelled due to heavy rainfall.

Attempt 3

Wet again!

Attempt 4

After having a good look decided to follow the horse trail from Mount Brisbane Road, via Dayboro across to Byron Creek and then follow Byron Creek downstream to Diana’s Bath. The return would be back to the car park and then follow Diana’s Bath Road and Byron Creek Road to Range Road and Chambers Road to the car.

The day came and – another wet day!! Can’t miss a trick. The planed route is on clay so any rainfall is not ideal. So for safety, tail between the legs and up to Mount Mee for a safer walk.

Attempt 5

This time the weather was perfect. Nice sunny day and a bit warm. What a chance to finally get there. So after meeting at the Dayboro Cemetery it was drive to the junction of Byron Creek Road, Range Road and the horse trail. The horse trail was followed as it descended a ridge down to Byron Creek. Some parts of this descent were fairly steep on gravelly surface, which had been disturbed by trail bikes. Once at the bottom a sign to Byron Creek Road and Diana’s Bath Road was encountered, so it was straight ahead.

At the next intersection, a left turn was taken. Andy and I had already followed the track on a previous reconnaissance to the right and finished up back on Range Road.

From here the track ascended to A Break, the highest point on the walk. Even though this was a bigger ascent the track was not as steep as what we had descended. Upon reaching A Break, a break was taken to catch our breath. We actually stopped for morning tea where we thought the climb had ended, but there was one pinch more!

Anyway from A Break, the horse trail was followed as it descended steeply down to Byron Creek (yes, Byron Creek again!). Once Byron Creek was reached a bit of meandering along the creek in amongst lantana before reaching the end of the horse trail.

Turning right at the creek, a part track was followed along the creek till a large cliff stopped our progress. Andy scaled a large boulder and managed to gain a way along the creek, the rest retreated back up he creek to a crossing and across the other side, found a well worn track. This track was followed to Diana’s Bath.

Diana’s Bath is a large waterhole which is about the size of two olympic swimming pools. There is a large slab of rock on the northern side which drops deeply into the pool. A truly wondrous place! After lunch and a swim, it was time to head back, this time choosing the formed foot track.

This foot track soon returned to the creek and although the creek crossing was obvious, the other side was overgrown in lantana. Oh well another bush bash and in clear land past the lantana came across a road. The road was followed to the south to a gate, then crossed the creek and passed onto open land. The road appeared to be going in the wrong direction. Oh well it’s better than fighting lantana. After a while a gate was met with the Power Station notice on it. No access to this land!

A check of the map and we had taken the wrong creek, having found where we should be, followed a path along the creek to cross it, but the steep bank was unrelenting, with lantana being a barrier. There is one way to deal with this jump onto the lantana and break through. Once through, and the creek gained, a road along the creek was found and followed. This track gradually ascended, and lo and behold! the Diana’s Bath Car Park. A break was taken and then it was a walk up the hill on Diana’s Bath Road as the road ascended to the junction with A Break. The road then descended to its junction with Byron Creek Road and a left turn taken. A short distance was a creek crossing which made for a lovely stop.

Form the the walk ascended Byron Creek Road to the junction with Range Road and the vehicles.

What a great day! Pity some other members could not attend to bathe in the glory!

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