Let the games begin #Rio2016

Woke early as promised to watch the opening ceremony of the #Rio2016 Olympic Games. What a grand opening ceremony considering the available budget! Of course, I had forgotten the countries came out in alphabetical order in the names called by the host country hence Australia was trounced by a few more nations like Germany for … Continue reading Let the games begin #Rio2016

Run of the mill day

Usual morning and arrived at work and started where I had left off yesterday. If this file is not complete today, I will park it and go to the next outstanding one and deal with it to progress at a later time. Only one in my pod today so a quiet and uneventful day. Headed … Continue reading Run of the mill day


Woke lacking the symptoms of the cold. Is that it? Easier this morning to do my usual routine. Arrived in work and got down to business. This current file is causing no amount of headaches. Just need to finish it. The problem is that the more it looks like no further action is to be … Continue reading Progress!

Work life balance

I awoke with a full-blown cold, runny nose, sneezing, puffy eyes, headache, but only a slight cough. I felt I could go to work and see what transpires. If I get too sick to work, I can always come home. Having arrived at work, I checked the calendar and found I had three meetings today. … Continue reading Work life balance