Let the games begin #Rio2016

Woke early as promised to watch the opening ceremony of the #Rio2016 Olympic Games.

What a grand opening ceremony considering the available budget! Of course, I had forgotten the countries came out in alphabetical order in the names called by the host country hence Australia was trounced by a few more nations like Germany for their entrance.

A real estate agent was due today to show some more potential buyers around the unit. As the ceremony wore on I was concerned that when the agent turned up the cauldron had yet to be lit…

As luck would have it, Sue had gone for the day with the kids to her mother’s place to see her old dog, Missy. I had been left to my own devices and when the agent asked me to vacate the unit while he was showing, I headed off to the shops.

Perhaps the broadcast is being shown there!

Arrived at the shops. No TV screens anywhere! Oh well, hope there’s highlights tonight. After about an hour the agent sent me a text saying all was clear. I went home and found I had indeed missed the lighting of the cauldron.

The rest of the day was spent catching up on my community involvement stuff, including newsletters and the like. I went to bed after I could peel myself away from the day 1 events later that night.

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