Woke lacking the symptoms of the cold. Is that it? Easier this morning to do my usual routine.

Arrived in work and got down to business. This current file is causing no amount of headaches. Just need to finish it. The problem is that the more it looks like no further action is to be taken, the deeper I have to look in case of some hidden non-compliance.

While this was going on had an email conversation with Charlotte about the Noosa Trek in March 2017, the Great Ocean Walk in a month and other fundraising matters. Now I have the scope of what the fundraising walk should contain, I am confident of finding a suitable venue and challenge.

Purchased my tickets to fly to and from Melbourne for the GreatOcean Walk after noticing the prices for the flights for that day I had looked into had risen. Chose Virgin Australia flight departing Brisbane at 7.55 am and driving at Melbourne’s Tullamarine at 10.20 am. The transfer to Bimbi Lodge departs Melbourne at 1.00pm. The return flight departs Tullamarine at 8.00pm and gets into Brisbane at 10.20pm. Hope there is enough funds to pay for all the other bills this fortnight as I expected the money from Remserv/Maxxia to be sorted by now. But still the same pay, so Remserv/Maxxia have received payments for the lease when there is now no lease.

Fingers crossed!

Received a phone call from Murray IRWIN of Outdoors Victoria about the AAAS TWG and advise where they are at, also offered me to be chairman, which I declined due to the issues in Bushwalking Australia.

The rest of the day was to continue work till the end of the day..As I should, with a break for lunch. I started to feel like the cold was really taking hold at this stage, but it is probably being in the air-conditioned environment. That was making me feel bad. My BGL readings were also over the place.

So work finished and off home I want. On the way I cleared the Bushwalking Queensland Post Office Box and found 3 cheques. I contacted Andy and he said he would be around later tonight to collect them.

Once home had dinner and then settled down for the night.

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