Work life balance

I awoke with a full-blown cold, runny nose, sneezing, puffy eyes, headache, but only a slight cough. I felt I could go to work and see what transpires. If I get too sick to work, I can always come home.

Having arrived at work, I checked the calendar and found I had three meetings today. The first was the team meeting in which to update the other team members of our activities. The next meeting, almost straight after was with the team leader and to go through my Achievement and Development Plan. having settled on the terms of this plan, I then went and met Charlotte from Diabetes Queensland to discuss the 2017 Trek. A plausible location was the Noosa Trail network as it provided a less restrictive environment for group size and presented opportunities the Border Track Trek lacked.

Just need Diabetes Queensland to accept the proposal then I can locate accommodation, depending on the needs of the accommodation.

Went back to work for a short stint before heading home. My headaches were getting stronger and my throat drying out, made for an uncomfortable afternoon.

So headed home for a rest and then bed. I was impressed with Lauren when I arrived home as she was telling me jokes.

During the night the rain started. Hope tomorrow is better!

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