Immunity Test

Woke early and could the feel the tinge of a cold or allergy coming on. It is August and it is time for the Brisbane Wattle to affect me. It was fairly cold this morning getting ready, so I rugged up. By the time I had got to the bus I was sweaty. Was it due to the amount of clothing I had on or my body temperature elevated because of the cold?

When I stepped on the bus, the air was really warm and I felt even more uncomfortable. I’ll sweat this out of me!

Once I had arrived in the city, the air-conditioning in the train sorted me out, and I definitely felt like I was coming down with a cold.

The day at work was a normal day, with bouts of fever, sneezing, and slight coughing. By the time came to go home, the cold had a good hold of me. This was going to be the test to my immunity system. Has it returned to the two day colds like I used to get, or will it drag out longer? Having type 2 diabetes resulting from an overworking immunity system, I seem to be back on track with the diabetes being managed well.

Heading home, it was getting quite cool, but somehow I made the earlier train and the earlier bus so was home after an hour and a half commute instead of two hours. After the weekend, the kids seemed to be back to their normal selves.

At home, I prepared for the meeting with Diabetes Qld to organise the Fundraising Trek 18-19/03/2017, watched a bit of television and went to bed.

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