Another good gathering ends

Woke at 7.00am and had breakfast and upon getting my BGL, the glucometer was not working at all. Too much of a hurry to worry about it this morning, I have a big day ahead. So had a shower and changed into my Diabetes Qld shirt, put on my President’s badge and went up to the hall ready for the formalities to begin.

With the formalities, brought everyone up to date with the bushwalking environment and the progress with fundraising with Diabetes Qld. This showed a lot of interest, so hopefully, there will be more involvement next year.

Anyway, the Golden Boot was passed over to the contingent from YHA as hosts of Pilgrimage 2017.

Once the formalities were over it was time to pack up and go home. The first thing I had to do was pack up my display then once packed go back to the van and pack it up. Sue was expected about 11.00, so it was into it. Sue arrived at 11.30 just as the roof of the van was being dropped, so the annex, kitchen awning and fly ends could be packed away. Then the van could be locked down. Sue arrived in the middle of this process.

So the van was put on the car, a few good-byes said and we went home.

Upon arriving at home, it was noticed that we had forgotten to put the extension mirrors on. Too bad now. Backed the van up to its home, parked the car and went and had lunch, then proceeded to unload the van.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for the work week ahead, and relaxing, and gloating how the Pilgrimage went. Had 94 people with all south east Qld clubs represented.

Went to bed early as I was dreary and fell asleep.


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