Bushwalkers Pilgrimage 2016

Awoke late. Good thing I hadn’t registered for a walk. I awoke though dizzy and a bit sniffly. I went to test my BGL but the glucometer said there was low battery. Was it actually a low battery or was it because it was cold?

As I arose, Andy was just leaving saying we were out of gas. So as I needed breakfast, I found the methylated spirits stove and made my porridge and coffee. After breakfast, went and had a shower and pondered over the strategy for the day. I need to find a gas agent and get gas, batteries for the glucometer, test strips for the glucometer, and some groceries.

I decided to go into Samford and sort out the glucometer, and look for the gas agents in town. Went to the pharmacy and purchased the test strips and the batteries. Then I went for a drive round Samford to find gas. Just behind the shops out on Highball Road is the Caltex/Woolworths Service Station and Swap’N’Go.

So back to the caravan and delivered my purchases. I then checked the glucometer and it was working fine so I took my BGL – 3.5. That is low. Any wonder I am feeling flat!

I then removed the oldest of two gas bottles and went off to the Servo for get a replacement gas bottle. After getting a new bottle, saw it was getting near lunch, so went to Drakes IGA and bought soft drink – Diet Ginger Beer – my favourite, sweets to bolster my BGL and donuts.

I then went back to the caravan and replaced the gas bottle and had lunch. I then went up to the hall and see if anyone was up there. I had the bivvy bags and my Diabetes Queensland fundraising pack to put out. Went up to the hall and there were some people there, so returned to the van and put the needed items into Andt’s car and then drove up the hill to the hall.

I set up the stand and sold some bivvy bags. Some people also took my cards so hopefully there will be donations forthcoming. After I had finished, I decided to go for a walk into Samford via the old rail line. The walk was 0.99 km to the site of the Samford Rail Station. So I did nearly 2 km in the new hiking shoes.

When I returned to Baden Powell Park, the walkers gradually returned. With the returning walkers, the camaraderie had grown enormously and the afternoon tea became interesting.

It was getting time to get ready to hit the Samford Valley Hotel for dinner and so, I went and had a shower and got changed. In the meantime, Andy arrived and had a bit of afternoon tea and a beer.

Headed off to the hall to find who was going to the dinner at the Samford Valley Hotel. Found Evi and Conni and joined them. Had 6 pork dumplings for entree and chicken florentine for mains, washed down with Stella Artois beer. After dinner walked back to the camp and the hall for the bush dance.

The bush dance band, “Stone the Crows”, have been providing the bush dance music for quite a long time. This band is brilliant in getting people up and dancing, especially showing people not familiar with bush dances, like the “Pride of Erin”, “Drongo”, “Progressive Barn Dance”, “Strip The Willow”, and the “Boston Two Step”. I took on the responsibility of taking photos and video of the dance which provided 3 hours of entertainment. This was a chore for some who had been bushwalking for 6 or more hours.


There was plenty of food on hand for the breaks and a great was had by all.

So at 11.45 pm I walked back to the caravan changed into the pyjamas and went to bed. I think I had too much coffee tonight as my visits to the toilet where more frequent and I had hard time falling asleep.

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