Partying weekend here I come

Woke early due to thoughts about Stacey. Had the day off so had time to compose myself and see how Stacey was when she rose from bed. When Stacey finally appeared she was a totally different mood. She was also off early to assist in running the coffee shop at school.

So the girls were finally off to school.

Now to wait for the real estate agent to arrived show potential buyers the flat. While waiting, I packed my gear and prepared the caravan. The agent finally arrived and showed the buyers around, mainly in the other flat of the duplex as they are identical.

Once he had left, then it was time for lunch and finalise packing. Sue then left to pick up the kids and while the car was out I moved the caravan so I could put it on the car when Sue came back. Sue came back with only Lauren and asked if the girls had come home. No. Then Gemma sent a SMS to be picked up from the BP service station. So off went Sue. Oh great, I am going to be held up and not have much delight to set up the van at Samford.

Finally, Sue cam back with the girls and I put the van on the car and off we went. Deception Bay Road seemed busy for this time of day! Must be just school peak hour. But the traffic crawled along Anzac Avenue to the Bruce Highway. Once on the Bruce Highway, it was a crawl as well… what is going on?

Anyway we are exiting not Linkfield Road, surely that won’t be bad! Then we saw the sign… crash on the Deagon Deviation… that explains it! So it was a crawl to get onto Linkfield Road. Once on though it was a breeze to Samford and Baden Powell Park. On arrival, dropped the van off and then went and registered. Met Andy at the registration and drove the car down the hill for Sue and then I swapped cars to Andy’s to show him where the van is. I said good-bye to Sue and went to the van and opened it up.

It was getting dark so the best was made of the circumstance before heading up to the hall and meeting all the people from the other bushwalking clubs. This Pilgrimage was being hosted by Brisbane Bushwalkers Club Inc. After the meet and greet and walk registration it was off to bed as early starts for some. I did not register for a walk as I had new shoes and needed to walk them in before going on a long bushwalk in case I get blisters.

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