Teenagers and groomers!

Due to the late start, decided to stay at work a little longer to maintain my hours. After my usual lunch and cup of coffee, went back to the coal face and continued the Excel spreadsheet analysis.

The next thing I knew it was time to go. The work is not boring, it is very interesting to see what can be uncovered.

So get changed, gather my gear together and head home. Due to the late leaving, walked to Central Station and checked out the venue for the meeting with Charlotte at Rush in Post Office Square.

Once on the train turned my mind to the events over the next couple of days at the Pilgrimage, the gathering of Queensland based bushwalking clubs. This year it is at Samford, Baden-Powell Park in fact, just a short drive from home.

After playing games, checking twitter and writing this blog it was time to get off the train, get on the bus and get home.

At home, my eldest daughter decided to go outside into the cold. After a while, I got concerned and scoured out the front, down the side, the back yard and the bedrooms, which proved nothing. I was hungry and needed sustenance to think clearly. So didn’t think much more, and I didn’t even notice Gemma went outside and after a while came back in. I was too busy scoffing into my dinner to notice the problem. Then Sue got up in a huff and said if I wasn’t going to do anything then she’d better go and do it.

I hurriedly finished my dinner and then went outside, to see talking to Stacey. Seems Stacey was asked to meet a person she had met online out the front of the house. She finally came in and was sobbing. Can’t they get it into their thick head how much of a risk this behaviour creates? And how much angst it caused the parents who care about them so much!

After a while Stacey finally settled down.

But I had a terrible night’s sleep!

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