Commuter woes again!

Woke this morning to the last day of my week. Had the usual preparations before leaving although somewhat cooler this morning. Headed out the door and walked the customary route to the bus stop. The bus arrived as I approached the bus stop but was still 10 minutes to its timetabled departure.

While on the bus, the bus driver was playing around with the controls, opening and closing doors, turning the bus off and starting it again after a few times of this, he went out of the bus and lifted some inspection covers, came back into the bus, lifted the radio mike out of its cradle and having established communications, reported problems with the bus. After a conversation, the bus driver announced that a replacement bus was on its way.

With half an hour between buses, would the replacement get here before the next regular service? We will wait and see! The next vehicle to arrive was the mechanics minibus. He proceeded to check the bus and even reversed it up and down the bus stop to find what was wrong. Apparently there was an air leak so not enough air pressure to apply the brakes properly.

Anyway the next scheduled bus arrived, and we all piled onto this bus. The first bus driver then advised that instead of sending the replacement bus to the Deception Bay Shops, send it on to the Narangba Loop. This run would then complete and the bus driver can catch our bus and meet the run he should be on. Sounded simple to me, but the bus company hierarchy had other ideas! Then after a long pause, the bus company thought it was a good idea!

So, finally at the station and have to wait for the next train, which at this time of the morning is all stations service. Out comes the Macbook, and might as well settle in for an extended trip into work!

Then about Northgate, I felt a tad sleepy, as transport does to me! Put everything down and went for a nap. I awoke at Central Station some time after the train had disembarked its passengers. Luckily it was sitting for a while before heading off to Springfield Central. Could have been really late this morning.

Get to work, change and hit my desk 3/4 of an hour late. This was better than I had expected.

Back to the continuation of yesterday and plough through the data I have accumulated. This is complex!

At 11.15am my area is really quiet. No-one is around! Check my calendar and I’ve missed the Excel forum. Too bad. This is more important, and I am an Excel guru anyway.

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