The day started of as a normal day. The having missed my normal train had to settle for the one 6 minutes later. Still no big deal get to start work at the same time. Then as the train departed Northgate Station, it seemed to be stop-start. Then the announcement – due to signal failure at Bowen Hills, all trains are using one track (usually its 4 tracks) and so need to wait their turn. This went on through Nundah, Toombul, Eagle Juction, Wooloowin, and Albion stations. As we approached Bowen Hills the train was moved to the right set of tracks. We are going into the city the other way. Then the announcement – due to congestion, this train will now run to Bowen Hills stopping all stations. That is, first stop Roma Street, then Central, Fortitude Valley and Bowen Hills.

Question for me – which station do I get off now? I takes me 14 minutes to walk from Roa Street to work. It takes 12 minutes to walk to work from Central, and there is about three minutes on the train between Roma Street and Central. Hmmm! Think I’ll get off at Central.

When the train stopped at Central, a lot of people were confused. Not used to getting off the train in this direction. How dare they upset my normal travel pattern. Geez people! get a life, it is great to change it up every so often.

So, in to work I went and had the most mundane day I have had for a while. These complex files take a lot of work and need a lot of headway to show progress!

In the meantime I had an email conversation with Charlotte about the March challenge and Sam about the Whale Watching Walk and between us information made its way around.

So before I knew it it was time for lunch. Packed up my lunch gear and went to the small kitchen and had a hearty lunch of the usual tuna and vita what biscuits.

After lunch it was back to the grindstone till I felt a tad weary. Need to go out for a walk. So I walked to Coles and bought some more lunch supplies and shampoo as I was nearly out. Good time to do the shopping as it was nice and quiet.

Back to work and put in another two hours of solid spreadsheeting before realising it was time to wind up the cat and put the clock out.

So out I went, changed and hustled to Roma Street Station. Caught my usual train, sat down and updated this blog. I write this blog on Pages on my Macbook and then at the end of the night or the next morning upload it to the WordPress site.

So the rest of the night saw me deep in thought about where I am, where I wish to go, and where do I wish to take the organisations in which I am in the leadership.

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