New era has dawned

Today is the day that my car is fully mine (ours! Sorry dear!)

The lease has been paid out, now to await the confirmation that all documentation and so forth are all received, and the refund of excess monies returned to me.

Upon arriving at work, it seemed like the same as yesterday. One other person in my 4-man pod. Then Vinod arrived to announce that he had been away with shingles. Oh great! Thank goodness for vaccination as a young fella!

Day progressed well, especially after that last blog I wrote, it was fulfilling for me and Sue.

Received a notification from Centrelink that due to my eldest daughter turning 18 in August, we need to think about whether to extend the Family Assistance till she finishes school, or put her on Youth Allowance and she can pay her way at home. Need to do the sums to see which is most beneficial.

Was given a new pair of bushwalking shoes (Merrrell) and wore them home. They need a bit of walking to mould to my feet but they are the ants pants. Will wear them around at the Pilgrimage, as I don’t intend on going on walks as I need a rest!

Had a quiet night in at home and then went to bed.

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